100 Ways to Make a Living

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100 Ways to Make a Living

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This guide could change your life. There’s never been a better time to switch careers, start a side hustle and launch something fresh and fulfilling. 100 Ways to Make a Living is made up of more than 200 pages of inspiring stories and know-how from people all around the world who are making a living their own way. And it could be the read you need to do it, too.

100 Ways to Make a Living is jam-packed with business ideas and insights – from the unconventional to the everyday – as well as industries on the up, market gaps ripe with opportunity and clever ways to boost your income.

Inside you’ll find...

- Advice from the founders of successful watch brands, climbing venues, spice companies, audio studios, fashion labels and even campervan rental businesses. 
- The big money in building online communities like OnlyFans and lucrative games on Roblox.
- What makes cities such as Seoul, Mumbai, Tallinn and Lagos so rich in startup potential.
- The untapped opportunities in everything from mushrooms to science-based toy kits and high-street repair shops.

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