Hercules # 07

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Hercules # 07

Fall/Winter 2014-15
Sprache: Englisch Bindung: Softcover Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Spanien Seiten: 272 Magazin: Hercules Maße: L: 28cm B: 21cm

“Springing into the sunset tradition takes a holiday” Consider this issue a manual to the season ahead, in which we guide you through the exotic and aspirational styles of fashion’s best collections. Tropical has been a key trend, not just because of the Gauguin-inspired prints that graced so many collections but also because of the languid-yet-colourful mood that is pervading menswear.

This issue, our 16th, marks Hercules’ 8th birthday. To celebrate, we have travelled to Caribbean Mexico in our story The Mayan River. We have always been fans of travelling, and believe it to be an integral part of manhood – now more than ever, as technology increasingly dominates our lives. As we dip into the turquoise water and watch the fluorescent sunsets from the white beaches of Mexico, we feel our 40-plus page photographic essay by Paola Kudacki makes a strong case for you to move away from the screen and find the sun.
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