IdN. Volume 22 # 01

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IdN. Volume 22 # 01

International designers Network / Colours Special
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 6 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Hong Kong Seiten: 98 >> Magazin: IdN Maße: L: 29cm B: 23cm H: 0.8cm

Whatever your favourite colour may happen to be, you’ll almost certainly find it somewhere in this illustrated feature, which is dedicated to those designers who are in love with colour – either just a select few hues or the whole rainbow gamut.

We have gathered together 9 experts in tints and tones, pigments and dyes. Reading what they have to say on the matter could give you some valuable insights when it comes to colour-coordinating your own work. And whether you agree or disagree, one thing’s for sure – you are in for a visual treat.

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