Little White Lies # 75

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Little White Lies # 75

May/June/July 2018
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Imagine if you had the most influential people in the world as a captive audience for the length of a single film. We’re talking about politicians, industry leaders, tech giants, celebrities, diplomats – the people with what you might define as possessing power (whatever that is these days). What would you screen to them, and why? Perhaps a film whose message might change their mind or alter their perception? Maybe something which might punish them for their laying the planet to waste? Maybe offer a vision of happiness to remind them that the world might just be worth saving? Or something else entirely?

This issue celebrates cinema as a force for good, a thought experiment inspired by the idea that so much narrative cinema now involves saving the planet from destruction. Pick up a copy to find out what the likes of Guillermo del Toro, the Safdie brothers, JA Bayona, Hope Dickson Leach, Colin Trevorrow and Michael Smiley would screen to avert total annihilation.

In this issue…

A fully-illustrated rundown of the films that might just save us from collective demise from above and those politicians with their finger hovering over the red button.

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