Man Of The World # 09

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Man Of The World # 09

Fall 2014
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: USA Seiten: 224 >> Magazin: Man Of The World Maße: L: 29.7cm B: 23cm H: 1.7cm

A quarterly magazine chronicling the best in international style, travel, food, art, and culture.

In today’s marketplace, one rarely finds content that caters specifically to men who value style, travel, food, art, and culture. Man of the World is tightly focused on that group; it doesn’t try to be all things to all people. It’s for a sophisticated male niche audience, and it’s somewhere they can go for consistent, compelling, informative content.

Man of the World is a handbook for the modern man, with its DNA inspired by American Heritage. Like most of us growing up, the publisher really appreciated the appeal of the Hollywood icons of the 1960s and ’70s, guys like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Al Pacino. He wanted to emulate their effortless style and admired their sense of confidence. He considers their style to be just as relevant today, if not more so.

A conversation with his eldest son sparked an idea. He was telling him: “Do what you’re passionate about and success will follow.” It is then that he decided to create a carefully curated archive where he could showcase and share some of the vintage collectibles that he's obsessed with, including vintage watches, mid-century furniture and cars.

The result is this visually driven quarterly magazine, which is an authentic reflection of his taste and experiences, and presents them in a beautifully designed and useful form, laced with just the right amount of eccentricity and whimsy. The passion shows on every page.

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