Pastel. New Light-Toned Graphics

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Pastel. New Light-Toned Graphics

Palette Series # 05
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsjahr: 2014 Bindung: Softcover mit Schutzumschlag Seiten: 256 Verlag: Victionary Maße: L: 25cm B: 18.5cm H: 2.2cm

Although conventionally taken as soft, tender and delicate with a childlike simpleness, pastels speak more than its common conception. Whether it’s used alone or juxtaposed with contrasting tones, the spectrum exudes an extraordinary vivacity in design. It calms and pleases with a tinge of mystique that works surprisingly well to deny presumptions, challenge traditions and evoke memories in our visual culture.

Following the success of Black & White (No.1), Multicolour (No.2), Gold & Silver (No.3) and Neon (No.4), viction:ary’s Palette series adds Pastel as the fifth. Through 110 recent visual experiments and thoughtful solutions in fashion, product and extensive areas of communication designs, Pastel sets to reveal the true potentials of this soothing colour family that typically lends a mild sweetness to everyday life.

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