Riposte # 04

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Riposte # 04

A Smart Magazine for Women
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: England Seiten: 158 >> Magazin: Riposte Maße: L: 27cm B: 19.5cm H: 1cm

Reports on a selection of inspiring women from around the world.

Singer, Eno Williams
Writer, Susie Bubble
Curator, Paola Antonelli
International editor of Channel 4 News, Lindsey Hilsum

SPOTLIGHT: We partner with the Anonymous Sex Journal to bring a series of illustrated stories on desire and fantasy. Warning: These stories are of a highly sexual and explicit nature

FEATURES: L.A. Ronayne celebrates stunt-woman Zoë Bell and The Sorority of Cinema Badasses, master perfumers take us through the complex balancing act behind creating the perfect scent and we find out the personal tricks of the trade of some seriously wise women.

ESSAYS: Charlotte Philby of Motherland looks at what it means to be a boy in 2015 and whether we're raising them to be the feminists they could be. We decamp to the House of Lords to discuss power: what is it, who holds it and how is it exerted?

ICON: Photographer Ewen Spencer pays tribute to his icon Elaine Constantine.

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