Union # 01

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Union # 01

Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: England Seiten: 122 >> Magazin: UNION Maße: L: 27cm B: 21cm
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Union is a new independent magazine launching in 2015 that will showcase quality journalism from around the world. The journal is aimed at the inquisitive ones that have a lust for life, knowledge and fringe culture.

What's inside:

Union sit down with a coffee and some cake with the hacktivist collective.

Save it for Sunday
On the streets with Baltimore's illegal dirt bikers

Wrong Move
Selling houses in America's favourite symbol of urban blight

World Tripper
How CNN's golden girl went from covering Middle East revolutions to eating magic mushrooms in a Mexican jungle and what her experiences may mean for traumatised troops

Dust Powder Bug
Thirst & Loathing in the great California drought

Ghosts in the Machine
Even in high tech Silicon Valley exorcists are fighting evil. Union watches Reverend Bob Larson at work

Fight Club
Union joins notorious biker club the East Bay Rats for a night of anarchy

The pro who lives in the pipes
Golfer Mark Burke once had a millionaire lifestyle and skill enough for the professional circuit. Now homeless, he lives in a metal contruction pipe just outside of Palm Springs

Christ Knows
Former MI5 spy turned whistle-blower David Shayler on his new career as the saviour of all mankind

Sons of God
They may not be the messiah's progeny but Jesus Sons may be the long awaited resurrection of American rock 'n' roll

Joey Diaz
The foul mouthed comic genius shares his experience of supernatural blowback

Pretty Green
We meet the man behind TV's most famous monster, Lou Ferrigno

Cannabis College
How one Californian university is educating America's next generation of weed famers

Crack Daddy
How a would be tennis pro popularised crack cocaine and made half a billion in the process

Uwe Boll
The film director who strikes fear into the heart of all movie lovers discusses his career

London's lost Tribes
Photographer Derek Ridgers has spent three decades capturing the city's unique street styles

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