Mark. Another Architecture # 62

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Mark. Another Architecture # 62

June / July 2016
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 6 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Niederlande Seiten: 192 >> Magazin: Mark Maße: L: 29.7cm B: 23cm H: 1.3cm

Cross Section:
Vardehaugen, Suppose, MVRDV, Roger Bundschuh, Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, Austin Maynard, El Equipo Mazzanti, Neutelings Riedijk, KWK Promes/ Robert Konieczny, Snorre Stinessen, AZPML, Kumiko Inui, Dorte Mandrup, Takeshi Hosaka

Perspective: Refugee Shelters
Produced with the support of the Ikea Foundation, the Better Shelter home naturally comes in a cardboard box
The Maggie shelter aims to supply the 'missing link' in the refugee crisis
Tom Newby explains why the architect's vision of the emergency shelter is all too often the answer to a non-existent question 

Long Section:
Vo Trong Nghia doesn't want to work only for the rich.
JDS mixes offices, a kindergarten and a youth hostel in one sculptural form.
Moon Hoon's all-seeing sci-fi tower crowns a Korean courtyard complex.
Iroje KHM built a house for a pilot and his family.
Dominique Coulon is a blueprint believer.
As-If Architects of Berlin extends a former Nazi barracks to house Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen.
Guedes Cruz makes bling meet brutalism on Portugal's rugged Atlantic coast.
AL_A's Bangkok Central Embassy merges a seven-storey retail podium and a 36-storey hotel tower.
Billie Faircloth of Kieran Timberlake talks about research, which she defines as 'to search and search again'.
Gustav Peichl has made his mark in print as well as buildings and at 88, he's still an expert in subversion.

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