Pin-Up # 14

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Pin-Up # 14

Magazine for Architectural Entertainment
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: halbjährlich Ursprungsland: USA Seiten: 256 >> Magazin: Pin-Up Maße: L: 28.5cm B: 23.5cm H: 1.6cm

PIN–UP is a magazine that captures an architectural spirit, rather than focusing on technical details of design, by featuring interviews with architects, designers, and artists, and presenting work as an informal work in progress – a fun assembly of ideas, stories and conversations, all paired with cutting-edge photography and artwork. Both raw and glossy, the magazine is a nimble mix of genres and themes, finding inspiration in the high and the low by casting a refreshingly playful eye on rare architectural gems, amazing interiors, smart design, and that fascinating area where those areas connect with contemporary art. In short, PIN–UP is pure architectural entertainment!

The Pritzker Prize-winning Patriarch of Paulista Architecture
Interview by Felix Burrichter
Portraits by Adrian Gaut

Getting Jovial and Plowing Forward With One of Design’s Most Irreverent Thinkers
Interview by Jill Singer
Portraits by Mark Lyon

The Young Roman Jeweler Gets her Rocks off on Surreal Architectural Gems
Interview by Horacio Silva
Portraits by Carlotta Manaigo

Architecture’s Rebel Classicist is Taking us Back to the Future
Interview by Carson Chan
Portraits by Valerie Stahl von Stromberg

PLUS a 60-page BRAZIL SPECIAL including a portfolio by Wolfgang Tillmans on the city São Paulo; a cinematic portrait of Rio by the artist Sarah Morris; a Hans Ulrich Obrist-led tour of Lina Bo Bardi’s luminous domestic masterpiece and former residence, the Casa de Vidro; and an insightful new take on Brasilia’s genesis and legacy by Richard Williams with photographs by Marcelo Krasilcic. As well as conversations with established and up-and-coming architects, artists and designers from all over Brazil, including an introduction to ten of the most exciting contemporary Brazilian architects.

An ethereal tour of Valerio Olgiati’s unbuilt wonders, a visit to legendary gay artist Tom of Finland’s Los Angeles sanctuary, a look inside Michael Capo’s auction house treasure palace, and a trip to Mozambique to revisit the life and work of the unbelievably prolific Portuguese architect Pancho Guedes. Also in the issue, Kate McCollough trawls Second Life cataloging traditional stair typologies and PIN–UP’s recommendations for the contemporary corporate environment. Plus a 15-page PIN–UP Board showcase including the PIN–UP Book Club, Norman Foster, Jerszy Seymour, Ken Price, Horrace Gifford, OMA for Knoll, FAUX/real, Adeline André, and so much more.

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