Pin-Up # 18

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Pin-Up # 18

Magazine for Architectural Entertainment
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: halbjährlich Ursprungsland: USA Seiten: 256 >> Magazin: Pin-Up Maße: L: 28.5cm B: 23.5cm H: 1.6cm

PIN–UP is a magazine that captures an architectural spirit, rather than focusing on technical details of design, by featuring interviews with architects, designers, and artists, and presenting work as an informal work in progress – a fun assembly of ideas, stories and conversations, all paired with cutting-edge photography and artwork. Both raw and glossy, the magazine is a nimble mix of genres and themes, finding inspiration in the high and the low by casting a refreshingly playful eye on rare architectural gems, amazing interiors, smart design, and that fascinating area where those areas connect with contemporary art. In short, PIN–UP is pure architectural entertainment!

The Worldly Londoner Is Reviving the Language of Modern Architecture
Interview by Shumi Bose
Portraits by Andreas Larsson

The Masterly Mexican Architect Is Becoming the Face of Humanist Sustainability
Interview by Mimi Zeiger
Portraits by Therese + Joel

Nigeria’s Prodigal Son Is Buoyed By His Love of Water, Africa, and Teaching
Interview by Andrew Ayers
Portraits by Robin de Puy

Two Multinational Modernists From Brooklyn Embrace Bad Taste. Sort Of.
Interview by Stephen Froese
Portraits by Jeremy Liebman

PLUS: A 48-page photographic journey from West to East to Southern Africa with Iwan Baan

ALSO IN THE ISSUE: A photographic meditation on the color blue by photographer Johann Clausen with Daniel Sannwald; designer Stephen Burks’ narrative objects; Spanish architect Miguel Fisac’s seriously playful Modernist adaptations; DIS collective’s surreal showroom performance at the New Museum Biennial; architect Valerio Olgiati’s neo-brutalist holiday home in Portugal; artist Justin Berry’s unsettling virtual landscapes; artist Mame Diarra-Niang’s photographic analysis of home country Senegal; a celebration of Pierre Paulin’s design legacy; kissing Columbus, Indiana awake with the help of Jonathan Hale Nesci; tracing Atang Tshikare’s evolving compositions; Spanish architecture duo Selgas Cano, who do more with less; Frida Escodebo’s sedimentary architecture; the potential of fire with ceramicist Anders Ruhwald; as well as a visit to the recently opened Museum of Shit near Milan, designed by Luca Cipelletti. And essays by Alessandro Bava on Tropical Architecture and Koyo Kouoh on the multiple forms of designing the social in Africa.

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