Acid # 03

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Acid # 03

Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: Frankreich Seiten: 144 >> Magazin: Acid Maße: L: 23cm B: 17.5cm H: 1cm

Acid is a publishing project looking at surfing through the prisms of exploration and everyday life. Shortly after surfing had become important for us, we felt the need to portray surfing in a broad context and explore its fringes with art, science, philosophy and poetry. So we’ll do just that, trying hard not to sound too serious.

Inside, there is the story of a slovenian surfer; a critical take on Hawaii in the winter; things you didn’t know about buoys; Will Adler’s touching photography; a surf music collection by a non-surfer; Durban’s weird and wonderful details photographed by Roger Jardine; line-up slang defined; poetic-fun surf photography. And more to enjoy.

We are happy to show some of its spreads against flowers, because pink is for girls.

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