Garagisme # 04

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Garagisme # 04

Automotive Thoughts
Sprache: Englisch Bindung: Softcover Ursprungsland: Frankreich Seiten: 145 >> Magazin: Garagisme Maße: L: 32cm B: 24cm

Garagisme is a magazine about car culture.
One of a kind, Garagisme questions our relationship with individual motorized transport by bringing together different points of view and practices: contemporary artists, photographers, architects, urban planners ...
The program includes photo series, profiles of innovative start-ups, portraits and interviews of artists, essays and fiction.
Biannual, in English and French and distributed internationally, Garagisme takes a novel look at the car as it goes through this period of challenge and change.

Oscar Monzón - KARMA

Monica Uszerowicz - Customized cars of Broward

Nicolas Poillot - Dancing with(out) fear

CG Watkins - Racing Dude

Romaric Tisserand - The night watch

Basile Mookherjee - One Thousand and One Nights

Luke & Nik - Coriolus Station

Jamie Wald Aldam - What do farmers get up to behindthe wheel

Sanam Gharagozlou - The Paykan abides

Will Self - Madness of Crowds Speed Awareness

Alan Judd - Spies' Cars

Stephen Bayley - Albert Camus' Crash

Monica Uscerowicz - United Micro Kingdoms

Aurélien Arbet - On the other side of the dune

Amos Fricke - Hemmelrath Lackfabrik GmbH, Klingenberg, Germany

Harry Gould Harvey IV - Mountain Pass

Deutsche & Japaner - Constellations

Osma Harvilahti - Arrangements

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