Carcy # 04

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Carcy # 04

Autumn / Winter 2019
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 1 Ausgabe pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Frankreich Seiten: 130 >> Magazin: Carcy Maße: L: 38cm B: 29cm H: 1cm

Carcy, a reference to undressing and stepping out of societal norms - is a large format journal focusing on the topic and representation of eroticism. Its slick, minimalist design and hybrid content seeks to portray all genders, identities and sexualities, in order to sublimate and widen notions of beauty and sensuality.

It's an annual magazine with a sophisticated, pared down aesthetic and a penchant for vintage, high-end quality photography and portraiture.Visually, it draws on the history of the photography and narrative process of cinema.

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