Quite Lovely # 02

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Quite Lovely # 02

Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: England Seiten: 335 >> Magazin: Quite Delightful Project Maße: L: 32.5cm B: 24.5cm H: 3.5cm

Issue Two from The Quite Delightful Project’s series of publications is here! Purchase Quite Lovely, the oversized magazine including fantastic photo essays, illustration, interviews and articles.

Our second issue is accompanied by a 28 page monograph of photographic self-portraits by Elegia.

Quite Lovely is published with an attractive exposed sewn spine, and printed in full colour in the United Kingdom on FSC approved coated and uncoated papers. The magazine is housed within a bespoke slipcase and shipped carefully wrapped with lashings of loving attention-to-detail to most countries worldwide.

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