Richardson A6

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Richardson A6

Belladonna X Terry Richardson
Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: USA Seiten: 160 >> Magazin: Richardson Maße: L: 30.6cm B: 22.6cm H: 1.1cm

For well over a decade, Andrew Richardson has been delivering his hard to find study into all things nude, erotic, pornographic, and sleaze – in a highly focused manner through Richardson Mag. NY Mag calls Richardson the 'Anti-porn Nudie Magazine.' quotes Richardson as calling his publication the first 'Asexual Sex Magazine' in the United States. Call it what you want: Richardson is the best art sex rag on the market – even if it does only publish once a year [ at least for the last three years ].

Richardson is a full blown look at sex and sexual exploration, perversion, and more in a manner unique to this periodical. Every issue features a prominent adult star on the cover [ check the archive for past covers ] as well as stories, illustrations and photography that further the theme with contributions coming from Mr. Richardson’s personal arsenal of creative contacts and friends.

Issue A6 – The Love Issue – features Belladonna photographed by Terry Richardson. Why the baseball bat? Some will call it creepy, but for those who have read Richardson in the past, you would expect nothing else. If you have any doubts on the subject matter within the pages of Richardson, you should stop watching porn.

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