Richardson A7

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Richardson A7

The death issue
Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: USA Seiten: 160 >> Magazin: Richardson Maße: L: 30.6cm B: 22.6cm H: 1.1cm

For well over a decade, Andrew Richardson has been delivering his hard to find study into all things nude, erotic, pornographic, and sleaze – in a highly focused manner through Richardson Mag. NY Mag calls Richardson the 'Anti-porn Nudie Magazine.' quotes Richardson as calling his publication the first 'Asexual Sex Magazine' in the United States. Call it what you want: Richardson is the best art sex rag on the market – even if it does only publish once a year [ at least for the last three years ].

Richardson is a full blown look at sex and sexual exploration, perversion, and more in a manner unique to this periodical. Every issue features a prominent adult star on the cover [ check the archive for past covers ] as well as stories, illustrations and photography that further the theme with contributions coming from Mr. Richardson’s personal arsenal of creative contacts and friends.

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