Arles # 02

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Arles # 02

Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 1 Ausgabe pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Frankreich Seiten: 229 >> Magazin: Arles Maße: L: 29cm B: 25cm H: 1cm
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“ARLES” is anchored in the territory but open to the world. It offers a new perspective, a southern perspective to shed lights on creativity around the Mediterranean.The point of view, offbeat, unaligned, even exotic, is the product of a territory both buffeted by the storms of history and confident in the permanence of a multi-millennial humanist heritage.

“CULTURE”, “NATURE” and “IMPERMANENCE” are the key words of this magazine which  intend to be on a human scale and universal.

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