Gurlz With Curlz # 01

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Gurlz With Curlz # 01

München Berlin
Sprache: Deutsch Ursprungsland: Deutschland Seiten: 144 >> Magazin: Gurlz With Curlz Maße: L: 30cm B: 21cm H: 1.3cm

„Can I touch your hair?“ 
A question German women with ethnic backgrounds have often heard all throughout their childhoods. 
No matter if they wait for an uncertain smile to bury their hand in tight curls, or if the remark served more as a courtesy than a question: 
It always ends with an invasion of privacy. Why not just say “No”? Shame, insecurity or weariness often prevent a “no” to this all too common request. It often starts with a compliment. And a compliment often provokes a smile, right? To avoid this dichotomy between social expectation and the taboo of a stranger’s hand in your hair, many girls and women adapt their appearance to the middle European look of the majority. 

Linda Nübling, initiator and creative core of GURLZ WITH CURLZ was struggling with that very concept. It took her way too long to realize how much of her identity was lost because she was denying it. She approaches this problem, supported by the photographer Meklit Fekadu, to give a voice to this mundane topic. Therefore, in July 2017, she started the project 

The goal is to create a platform for open communication. A place for education, to share experiences and start discussions, to encourage communication and to bring people together … ... and to shed light on everyday racism, a topic that is so important in our society. We will create the space that this sensitive topic deserves. 

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