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Gian Paul Lozza
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014 Bindung: Hardcover Seiten: 64 Maße: L: 32cm B: 17cm H: 1cm

A pristine skatepark is shot at night using only ambient light. In the resulting landscape images the surrounding streetlights throw intersecting pools of light; the lines are softened by diffuse moonlight. If the forms are organic, the environment is still entirely artificial. A number of portraits, in black and white, of young men who skateboard in the park. Each stands alone before the photographer’s neutral background.

The landscape photographs in Homeland belong to an ongoing series that Swiss photographer Gian Paul Lozza has been taking for many years: landscapes captured mostly at night, using only the light in situ. They are by necessity long exposures, so the photographer is working blind; he only sees the image after he has taken it. The resulting images are mysterious, puzzling even, as they are illuminated by light sources we do not normally see. Lozza’s landscapes suggest imagined settings akin to a David Lynch film, locations in which tensions are heightened and the everyday can become fantastical. These could be mental images, or scenes from dreams where objects and places are divorced from a coherent context. Non-places onto which
the future can be projected.

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