Typorama Graphic Design

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Typorama Graphic Design

Philippe Apeloig
Sprache: English Erscheinungsjahr: 2103 Bindung: Hardcover Seiten: 384 Verlag: Thames & Hudson Maße: L: 29.5cm B: 24cm H: 4cm

A retrospective of a distinguished graphic designer, influential on both sides of the Atlantic – required reading for anyone concerned with the recent history of graphic design

A consistent vision pervades the design of Philippe Apeloig. He has crafted a visual language strongly connected to rhythm, structure, pattern, space and choreography, a language that invites us to wander through a thicket of letters, lines and shapes that coalesce into something magical.

Apeloig’s career began in 1985 when he designed the poster for the Musée d’Orsay’s first exhibition, ‘Chicago, Birth of a Metropolis’. He has since created many more seminal posters and his own typefaces, including Octobre and Drop.

This book, published to accompany a major exhibition at the Musée des Art Décoratifs, Paris, surveys and explores the entirety of Apeloig’s graphic design process and philosophy, reproducing posters, logos, visual identities, books and animations, and analysing the influences that fuel his work.

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