Monotone. New Single-colour Graphics

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Monotone. New Single-colour Graphics

Palette Series # 07
Sprache: English Erscheinungsjahr: 2015 Bindung: Softcover Seiten: 256 Verlag: Victionary Maße: L: 25cm B: 18.5cm

Creativity flourishes within limitations. When a palette is kept at a minimum, it dares designers to create variety out of singularity, and distinctiveness out of ordinary. When done well, single colour designs leap out in the world of visual frenzy, and project ideas in a compact and powerful way.

As the latest addition to viction:ary’s colour-themed collection PALETTE, Monotone singles out a distinctive array of visual projects that thrive on the clever use of limited colours. Chromatically arranged, 110 recent works demonstrate how designs consciously capitalise on a sole colour or a tonal palette to make a loud noise. From brand identities and packaging, to product and interior designs, this book showcases compelling solutions that epically play with colour formulations, materials, printing techniques and graphic details to make a unique appeal. Monotone proudly comes after Black & White, Multicolour, Gold & Silver, Neon, Pastel and Transparent.

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