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Dynamic Logo

Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsjahr: 2013 Bindung: Softcover Seiten: 251 Verlag: Cypi Press Maße: L: 28.5cm B: 21.2cm H: 2cm

With the continuing development of corporate ideas and the emergence of companies with complex range of activities, the dynamic (or multiform) brand identity has thus become a popular solution to express the multi-layered concepts behind a brand. Dynamic brand refers to an identity rooted in a unified, rational visual design structure that changes with its application environment. Though difficult to design, they are often vivid and alluring, leaving a lasting impression.

This book is a collection of dynamic brand identities, presenting the latest from around the world industry by industry. Aside from the design works themselves, this book also presents the creative
background behind their design, allowing the reader to gain a deeper understanding of their origins. This book provides us with new knowledge and a new window into high-end design ideas.

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