Monochrome graphics

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Monochrome graphics

Maximum creativity within minimum budget
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsjahr: 2015 Bindung: Hardcover Seiten: 190 Verlag: Promopress Maße: L: 29cm B: 22cm H: 2.5cm

Whether in painting, photography, graphic design, architecture, or fashion, black and white will always hold a place of its own. Besides this, designers can achieve high levels of creativity at lower costs by using just black and white which is another key factor when considering a new project in a very competitive environment.

Monochrome Graphics showcases the appealing effects of using monochrome colour schemes in a wide range of visual fields and provides a unique and highly visual demonstration of the powerful impact of black and white.

With its highly representative selection of projects, Monochrome Graphics will appeal equally to design professionals and a general readership.

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