Plants At Work

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Plants At Work

An inspirational guide to greenterior design
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsjahr: 2021 Bindung: Hardcover mit Leinenbezug Seiten: 210 Maße: L: 24.5cm B: 17.5cm H: 2.1cm

Plants change working environments, adding a touch of nature and style and improving the indoor climate. Through their form, colour and type of growth, they represent a living design material. Whether it is in an open-plan office, co-working space or employee lounge, their positive effect on people is visible and tangible.

This book is targeted towards all those who want to integrate plants into their spatial concepts. With current examples of greenterior design, artistic plant constellations and insights into the design of plant pots, along with background knowledge from exemplary projects and interior architecture with botany.

The qualified carpenter and certified product designer Miriam Köpf is specialised in spatial installations. She has worked at various design agencies in Stuttgart and in 2015 founded the botanical design studio Phyllis. Her focus is on the integration of indoor plant installations, especially in working environments. She has coined the term greenterior design and conveys her approach through conceptual plant pop-up shops, constructive cooperations with architects and inspiring workshops for students.

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