Salt & Wonder # 02. Reykjavik

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Salt & Wonder # 02. Reykjavik

Rising Tides in Reykjavik
Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: Österreich Seiten: 123 >> Magazin: Salt & Wonder Maße: L: 26cm B: 20cm

The makers of Salt & Wonder call their Vienna-based magazine a playground for themselves and friends around the globe: The idea is to portray creatives and businesses within the food scene with a non-commercial background, one city at a time. The second and current issue explores Reykjavik. Its clean design and soulful journalism joins the ranks of beloved and well-known magazines such as Cereal or Openhouse.

From West, to North, to East, to South, we are looking to Europe’s Harbours of Ideas. As Salt searches for the unique and alive, Wonder is hungry for discovery and innovation. It all stems from personal discovery in the field of culture, travel, food, design and entrepreneurship.

Our content focuses on ambitious startups with non-commercial backgrounds. Salt & Wonder explores the world of driven creatives and business owners in the food scene. It is a playground for us and friends around the globe, as well as an opportunity to live and experience culture and traveling in a deeper and more honest way.

Through showing narratives full of light and shadow, of highs and lows, we try to fulfill the cravings of the restless, the curious, the lovers of beauty and simplicity. 

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