Unseen Magazine # 02

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Unseen Magazine # 02

Autumn 2015
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 1 Ausgabe pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Niederlande Seiten: 248 >> Magazin: Unseen Magazine Maße: L: 33cm B: 23cm

Featuring exclusive interviews with over 50 artists participating at Unseen Photo Fair, Unseen Magazine has a rich editorial section with a variety of essays and articles written by photography experts, curators and collectors. These external writers comment on the current state of the medium, whilst Unseen artists delve into the process and story behind their most recent works.

In this year's issue of Unseen Magazine we provide readers with an insight into the collection of the Deutsche Börse and The Walther Collection, tips on which publishers to watch by Self Publish, Be Happy's Bruno Ceschel, an exploration of the digital archive by Brad Feuerhelm, a glimpse into artist studios, and much more.

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