10 Men # 52

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10 Men # 52

Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: England Seiten: 320 >> Magazin: 10 Magazine & 10 Men Maße: L: 30cm B: 23cm H: 1.5cm
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This issue cherishes our second, chosen families – the communities we are proudly apart of and how they shape our day-to-day lives, as told by our contributors. Introducing the first of three covers, starring Sekhou Drame who wears Prada, shot by Ferry van der Nat and styled by Davey Sutton. Get a little sneak peak of what’s inside by delving deep into our Editrix Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou’s editor’s letter:

“Community is at the heart of everything I have achieved and everything I have done. Without every person’s contribution, none of what we do at Ten Towers would be possible. I am always recognising the importance of everyone in our creative community. I treasure the people who constantly strive together for a single goal, making sacrifices for the greater good and putting others before themselves, whatever field they exist in.

It is vital to always cultivate a healthy sense of community by making sure we protect each other and find ways to lift one another up in everyday moments and interactions, especially through these terrible times. Covid, in a way, has been a really important moment, where the community has been crucial to protect and care for those who can’t: the old, the frail, the sick. Our community has really stepped forward to acknowledge those whose selfless actions have been awe-inspiring.

The NHS and the people who have risked themselves every day to care for others really have been so inspiring. They have shown that community, more than ever, is a way to be stronger together. Even in my little world, the challenges have been really difficult, and I thank my team every day for finding ways to forge forward and support me and each other. I am ever thankful and truly blessed to have such incredible people around me: friends, family and my community. They have given me the strength to grow and continue to achieve all the dreams and fantasies. It’s this support that has sustained the creativity and uncompromising vision I am so lucky to have cultivated in my little corner of the world. I treasure them and cherish them all always.”

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