ACQ # 04

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ACQ # 04

Exploring the Human Ingredient Behind Food Culture
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Founded in 2007, Acquired Taste began as a passion project, aiming to give people an original and authentic glimpse into the kitchens of Toronto. Today, the publication has grown globally and offers a print exploration into what we believe is the single most important ingredient behind food culture – the human ingredient.

Acquired Taste offers a unique point of view by telling stories of: chefs, farmers, artisans, restaurateurs, designers, architects, artists and photographers. These people are integral parts in how we consume, learn and experience food. Beyond taste – their ideas, hard work, theories, and art are what indulge our knowledge and passion for food. Our aim is to introduce, familiarize and inspire you to share a different, more holistic view of food culture through their experiences.

We're excited to announce that after a short hiatus, we are finally back with a brand new issue of Acquired Taste Magazine. In this issue we go back to our Canadian roots, touching on a few key players and places that are doing incredible things. One of those places and people being the team at Wolf in the Fog in Tofino, BC, who were recently recognized as one of Canada’s best restaurants. We also had the chance at a very candid interview with Susur Lee, who although internationally known, continues to grow his success in our hometown of Toronto.

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