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Fare # 09

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Kampala is Uganda's lively capital, a city shaped by the traditions of the ancient Buganda kingdom, British imperialism, and the many new migrant groups that call it home.

This influence is seen throughout Kampala, from resourceful and unique dishes such as luwombo - meat and vegetables steamed in banana leaves, originally made for Buganda royals - the flying grasshopper delicacy Nsenene, or the Rolex, an Indian-inspired street snack. There is a high regard for food in Uganda, and some of the best fare is found in the city's home kitchens, street food carts, and unassuming eateries like the kafunda, small grocery stores-turned-bars; and woteli, where Kampalan workers sit shoulder-to-shoulder for plates piled high with homestyle food. Kampala has withstood generations of growth, change, and political upheaval and emerged as the cultural and economic center of Uganda, where up-and-comers in art, music, and fashion are making a name for themselves.

From the Ggaba beaches to the nonstop nightlife of Kabalagala, local guides showed Fare the sights, the sounds, and the undeniable vibe of the Kampala they know and love. 

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