MacGuffin # 04

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MacGuffin # 04

The Sink
Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: Holland Seiten: 216 >> Magazin: MacGuffin Maße: L: 28cm B: 21cm
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MacGuffin is a new and unusual design & crafts magazine. It features fabulous stories about the life of ordinary, often anonymously designed things. Each biannual edition takes an object and explores the manifold stories it generates. Like the MacGuffins in Hitchcock films, these things are not the main characters, but the plot devices that set the story in motion.

MacGuffin Nº 4 delves into the alluring lives of the sink, the object that speaks volumes about who we are and how we live. Featuring mesmerizing inox sinks, sinks for genever drinkers, pathologists and butchers, ‘kommunalka’ sinks, sitcom sinks, and bottomless sinkholes into which everything disappears.

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