Mark. Another Architecture # 54

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Mark. Another Architecture # 54

February 2014 / March 2015
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 6 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Niederlande Seiten: 192 >> Magazin: Mark Maße: L: 30cm B: 23cm

Usurpation is rampant in neutral Switzerland, where industrial zones left vacant by an increasingly service-oriented economy now host large-scale urban redevelopments. Two stories in Mark #54 analyse this trend specifically among universities. Katharina Marchal writes on EM2N’s Toni-Areal district in Zurich, Juliette Soulez on a collaborative project for the Academy of Art and Design in Basel.

Cape Verde becomes the stage for an unintentionally elegiac cover story. OTO’s headquarters for Fogo Island Natural Park, a carefully planned synthesis of delicate political, social, and environmental concerns, was decimated along with its surrounding community this past November by the island’s worst volcanic eruption in 60 years. Ana Martins traces the project’s tragic history from its inception to the disaster’s aftermath.

Spanish firm SelgasCano and a group of MIT architecture students similarly confront harsh natural conditions in constructing an education and vaccination pavilion for a remote Kenyan village. In Katowice, Poland, atelier KWK Promes attempt to reconcile the suburban, single-family residence with nature in the Living-Garden House. A trio of metro stations in Barcelona designed by local firm Garcés De Seta Bonet bare their raw engineering and silently await the completion of the line.

We converse with – among others – Belgian artist Xavier Delory about his fictional, absurdist architecture via altered photography. Harvard Graduate School of Design professor Rahul Mehrotra closes with observations on literary culture in India and the intersection between digitalisation and democratisation.

Cross Section:

Gehry Partners, Heatherwick Studio, D’Houndt+Bajart, UNStudio, Para-Project, TNA, Aedas, Lens°Ass, Kevin Thompson, Hiroshi Nakamura, Kraaijvanger, Andreas Martin-Löf, Toyo Ito, PPAG, Theo Deutinger, Takeshi Hosaka, Spark, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Fort, Moatti-Rivière, Gregory Barrett

Perspective: Two University Complexes in Switzerland
-Katharina Marchal delineates Swiss firm EM2N’s conversion of a Zurich milk-processing factory into two universities, apartments, and a museum.
-In Juliette Soulez’s companion piece, a group of Swiss ateliers transform the Dreispitz industrial zone into a ‘Campus of the Arts’ for the Academy of Art and Design Basel.

Long Section:
-Lisbon-based OTO’s Fogo Natural Park Headquarters lies in ruins after the eruption of the island’s Pico do Fogo volcano.
-The Cricoteka Centre in Cracow, Poland, a collaborative effort between local practices nsMoondstudio and Wizja, commemorates the life of Tadeusz Kantor on the Vistula waterfront.
-Spanish firm SelgasCano and a group of 12 MIT architecture students discover the practical limitations of honest materials in constructing a health and education pavilion for the nomadic Turkana people.
-Belgian artist Xavier Delory virtually vandalises Villa Savoye, among other digital alterations of architectural photography.
-KWK Promes merge house and garden in the south Polish town of Katowice.
-The founders of French practice Antonini Darmon discuss a few of their social housing projects in Paris and Nantes.
-Barcelona’s Garcés De Seta Bonet take a ‘museological’, highly brutalist approach to their three stations for the city’s still incomplete metro line.
-Japanese structural engineer Jun Sato employs custom optimisation algorithms to design elaborate, porous frames.
-In North Holland, native firm UNStudio design a hedonist villa with a ‘pinched’ plan, drawing the landscape into the house.
-Dutch architect Marc Koehler wraps home around office for his artist mother’s abode and raises a summer residence from the dunes of Terschelling.
-For a Bookmark feature, Harvard Graduate School of Design professor Rahul Mehrotra laments the decline of the library in his native India and offers a few book recommendations.

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