Pin-Up # 21

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Pin-Up # 21

Magazine for Architectural Entertainment
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: halbjährlich Ursprungsland: USA Seiten: 256 >> Magazin: Pin-Up Maße: L: 28.5cm B: 23.5cm H: 1.6cm
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PIN–UP is a magazine that captures an architectural spirit, rather than focusing on technical details of design, by featuring interviews with architects, designers, and artists, and presenting work as an informal work in progress – a fun assembly of ideas, stories and conversations, all paired with cutting-edge photography and artwork. Both raw and glossy, the magazine is a nimble mix of genres and themes, finding inspiration in the high and the low by casting a refreshingly playful eye on rare architectural gems, amazing interiors, smart design, and that fascinating area where those areas connect with contemporary art. In short, PIN–UP is pure architectural entertainment!

RICHARD ROGERS Whether it’s cutting ribbons with the Queen or passionately fighting Brexit, Britain’s grand seigneur of architecture is equally versed in the corridors of power as he is in taking to the streets. Interview by Shumi Bose Portraits by Andreas Larsson

AMALE ANDRAOS From the East Coast to the Middle East, the trailblazing dean of one of the oldest design schools in the country is debunking one orientalist cliché at a time. Interview by Felix Burrichter Portraits by Bela Borsodi

ALEXANDRE DE BETAK The French-born runway impresario has created some of fashion’s most memorable moments. Now he’s taking his talent for spectacle to the digital realm. Interview by Pierre Alexandre de Looz Portraits by Jeremy Liebman

MOS ARCHITECTS Combining analog-age precision with post-digital reserve, this New York architectural duo speaks softly but carries a big stick. Interview by Esther Choi Portraits by Daniel Trese

POWER A visual journey down one of America’s last remaining Brutalist corridors captured by photographer Adrian Gaut; Italian art collector Valeria Napoleone’s devotion to a decidedly female future; at home with Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury at his Beirut penthouse; a case study of eight parliament designs and how they influence the political systems that inhabit them; a plunge into the formidable world of architectural historian Robin Middleton at his East Village abode; plus a special portfolio by artist collective GCC.

ALSO IN THE ISSUE A discussion with Phyllis Lambert, one of architecture’s foremost doyennes; Jean-Phillipe Delhomme’s testament to the beauty of the architectural doodle; Nikil Saval dissecting the evolution of the modern office space; the colorful world of Dutch designer Bertjan Pot; and an emotional tribute to the late Zaha Hadid.

PLUS: THE NEW POWER GENERATION PIN–UP presents nine New York firms that will shape the future of architecture with portraits by Rachel Chandler and text by Ian Volner and Paul Keskeys.

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