Say Yes to Adventure # 08

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Say Yes to Adventure # 08

Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things
Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: Neuseeland Seiten: 125 >> Magazin: Say Yes to Adventure Maße: L: 28cm B: 21cm

In this volume, raft guide Genevieve King shares her experience while taking clients on a trip of a lifetime down the Clarence River. Exciting at the best of times – add a 7.8 earthquake to the mix, and you’ve got one heck of an adventure. 

We also feature Romilly Spiers, an Australian who was about to head to the UK for her O.E. Wanting to spend a few weeks in her own backyard before she left, she spent an entertaining two weeks on a solo mission cycling down Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

Inspiring, exciting and adventurous. Plus, so much more. The celebration of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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