Sidetracked # 18

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Sidetracked # 18

Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: England Seiten: 144 >> Magazin: Sidetracked Maße: L: 27.5cm B: 21cm H: 1cm

Sidetracked # 18 is intended to be an issue of hope. A means to resurrect the dreams we still hold close and hope will one day soon be available to us again. Through the first part of this year we have spent more time inside than out in order to survive the invisible storm sweeping around the planet. We look outwards, then turn inwards to dream. 

This issue contains a unique and thought-provoking collection of stories of adventure, cultural discovery, learning and understanding.
Accompanied by breathtaking photography.

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