Slanted # 30

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Slanted # 30

Sprache: Deutsch/Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Deutschland Seiten: 288 >> Magazin: Slanted Maße: L: 24cm B: 16cm H: 2cm

In the spring of 2017 the Slanted editors embarked on their trip to Athens to take a close-up look at the contemporary design scene there. At the same time, the Documenta took place for the first time at two sites with the same credentials as the core of Adam Szymczyk's concept. He wanted to show art against the background of other commercial urgencies. Athens, in parallel to Kassel, offered the perfect canvas: differences between rich and poor, between Germany and Greece, but also between different cultures in Europe, facing crisis, boundaries and displacement. All the designers Slanted met though talked very positively about the event, bringing back art and life to Athens, suffering from draconian cuts in culture budgets.

The list of designers Slanted met with boasts everyone from legends such as Michalis Katzourakis to young, wild creatives who are creating exciting voices in their own right. Well known figures from Athen’s contemporary design scene such as Bend, The Birthdays Design, Blaqk, Bob Studio, Dylsectic, G Design Studio, Irini Gonou, Luminous Design Group, MAMA Silkscreen, MNP, Parachute, StudioJugi, Typical Organization, Urban Calligraphy and Ifigenia Vasiliou allowed a glimpse into their world. 

Illustrations, photography, interviews and essays complement the issue thematically. Slanted #30 comes with contributions by Backpacker, Beetroot Design Group, Constantinos Chaidalis, Meni Chatzipanagiotou, Corn Studio, Stavros Damos, Dolphins Com­mu­nication Design,, Demetrios Fakinos, Diana Farr Louis, Fotagogos Book­store, Greek Font Society, Vasilis Grivas, Mike Karolos, Kommigraphics Design Studio, Ian Lynam, Theodora Mantzaris, Klimis Mastoridis, Georgios Matthiopoulos, mousegraphics, Original Replica, Panos Papanagiotou, Dimitris Papazoglou, Natassa Pappa, Pi6, Polkadot Design, Semiotik, Niki Sioki, tind, Alexander Torell, Filimonas Triantafyllou, Chris Trivizas, Charis Tsevis, Nadia Valavani, Irene Vlachou and Markos Zouridakis.

The booklet “Contemporary Typefaces” is a regular feature of Slanted Magazine presenting an editorial selection of recently published international high-quality typefaces. In an additional section the booklet features Greek typefaces, including Ace Lift (Romain Oudin / Lift Type), Aidos (Alexander Rütten / Ligature Inc.), Baton Turbo (Anton Koovit, Yassin Baggar / Fatype), bb-book (Benoît Bodhuin / VolcanoType), CamingoSlab Pro (Jan Fromm / Jan Fromm), Chercán (Francisco Gálvez Pizarro / PampaType), Fit (David Jonathan Ross / DJR), Freya (Markus John, Armin Brenner / NEW LETTERS), Hobeaux Rococeaux (James Edmondson / OH no Type Co.), Lisbeth (Louisa Fröhlich / TypeTogether), Morion (David Einwaller / The Designers Foundry), 29LT Riwaya (Katharina Seidl / 29Letters), Sharp Grotesk (Lucas Sharp with Wei Huang, Greg Gazdowicz, Chantra Malee, Octavia Pardo / Sharp Type), Thesaurus (Fermín Guerrero/ Typotheque), CF Astir (Yannis Karlopoulos, Vassilis Georgiou, Panos Haratzpoulos /, Averta PE (Kostas Bartsokas / Kostas Bartsokas), Futuracha Pro (høly / høly), Juvenile (Anastasia Dimitriadi / Anastasia Dimitriadi), Scope One (Eleni Beveratou / Dalton Maag), PF Venue (Panos Vassiliou / Parachute) and Vs. (George Triantafyllakos / Atypical).

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