The Great Discontent Traveler # 01

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The Great Discontent Traveler # 01

Sprache: Englisch Ursprungsland: England Seiten: 61 >> Magazin: The Great Discontent Maße: L: 24cm B: 17cm

TGD Traveler is the perfect travel-sized version of our beloved large format magazine—small and light enough to take anywhere—packed with the same inspiring content our readers love.

In this issue: Actor Omar J. Dorsey reminisces on 15 years of performing and pushing past the stereotypical Hollywood roles; designer Leta Sobierajski opens up about taking the leap into full-time freelance work and her unique aesthetic; artist and designer Geoff McFetridge reflects on growing his business on his own terms; and production designer Ruth De Jong shares what she’s learned from her mentors and why she has no regrets.

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