Verities # 04

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Verities # 04

Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: halbjährlich Ursprungsland: Großbritannien Seiten: 152 >> Magazin: Verities Maße: L: 31cm B: 24cm H: 1cm

“Maybe unadorned ‘reality’ without ‘fiction’ would be a rather boring place after all.” Independent arts and culture journal Verities opens issue 4 with this, among other, loaded statements. In its newest edition, the publication — assumedly named with attention to the Latin word “veritas,” meaning truth — tackles the theme of deception. It is an ironic and intentional juxtaposition, that in fact works to magnify its exploration of the paradoxical nature of truth in an increasingly Internet-based time.

In a series of essays, photographs and art pieces, Verities weaves together an interconnected narrative that scrutinizes the different masks we wear and the performances of self we project in our daily lives. It questions whether there is truth in deception, and if the small deceptions we perpetrate each day obscure our understanding of truth, or rather serve as needed embellishments which innocently enrich our realities. Verities visits these questions in the context of the “Internet age” and art world, where ideas of authenticity and ownership have always been debated, yet have shifted greatly as a result of our unavoidably interconnected world.

Opening the issue, which features work from actors like Elaine Sturtevant, Victor Burgin and Trevor Paglen, are stories and artwork dedicated to “the overlooked nuances” of deception. The second portion delves further into the topic through the historical study of duplicity. Here, the publication taps several iconic artists from different generations to share their thoughts. In closing, Verities studies how social relationships evolve within the network of technology. And, for the first time, the magazine forays into fashion with an editorial that takes a closer look at the nature of manmade fabrics.

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