Whitelies # 06

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Whitelies # 06

The 'Failure' Issue
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Deutschland Seiten: 206 >> Magazin: WhiteLies Maße: L: 29cm B: 22cm

WhiteLies Magazine is a biannually published culture publication positioned as a contributor to today’s creative landscape. The main focus lies on Fashion and Art and especially how these subjects collide in photography. It is our aim to raise awareness for a new kind of aesthetic in fashion and photography through aesthetically pleasing content which creates an emotional impact with the readers.

The project which started out as a pure fashion magazine has connected with the creative scene on many different layers. We started to think outside of the box and experienced how aesthetics and trends from the fashion world translate in photography, architecture, art, music and design. Every magazine is powered by people who have specialised in this subject, it’s an important subject that we support younger, unknown artists at the beginning of their careers and give them the chance to speak up through the magazine. Approaching fashion with naive amateur thoughts leads to the most interesting results.

The online magazine was launched on October 29th in 2012 and the first print publication was published in january 2015. Ever since the project started our dedication to the magazine and the content has grown each day. Our main-philosophies are the common rules of minimalism: “Less is more” and “Quality over quantity”. At the current state we have contributors in Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Florence, Milan, Las Vegas and Paris.

Rebecca Hall, Charlie Heaton, Lena Hardt, Elmgreen & Dragset, Johann König, Céline, Louis Vuitton, Chris Maggio, Filip Custic, Bill Kaulitz, Preston Chaunsumlit, Laura Kampman, Hermann Nitsch & Oliver Heilmer

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