Hercules # 09

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Hercules # 09

Fall-Winter 2015/16
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Spanien Seiten: 304 >> Magazin: Hercules Maße: L: 28cm B: 21cm H: 2cm

Every so often we undergo a cultural shift. New influencers and a fresh wave of burgeoning talent inspire our collective imagination, allowing us to experience the world from a fresh perspective. It is from this viewpoint that we assembled our nineteenth issue, our largest to date, which we have titled Bright Young Things.
The common thread of this new attention-worthy generation is their ability to diversify. We used to admire people who excelled in one field, but now it is one’s ability to break down disciplinary barriers and become polymaths and multi-taskers that can activate creativity and newness. So we look to people like Will Peltz, the much talked about actor bringing his charisma to the new campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans, for a sense of how fresh this innovative generation can make the fashion landscape appear.

Now that social media presence is a full time career as much as it is a platform for self-promotion, we consider models that have become masters of the industry by building and controlling their own brands. These men understand that the number of ‘likes’ for a post are just as important as editorial credits.

The model-instagram star Jordan Barrett, the contemporary sex symbol/teen idol Nolan Funk, the social-media socialite enfants terribles brothers Peter and Harry Brant and the model/artist/tattoo-obsessive David Alexander Flinn are all experts in manipulating a new digital world. They understand that not only can a social media post lead to your next commission or book your next gig, it can be artwork in itself as digital and analogue experiences come together to form our popular culture.
Each of these notable young characters shows how multi-tasking and multi-platform communication is the new way to succeed and engage your audience. So as well as profiling these forward-thinking young men, we continue to diversify in the way we always have by offering you entertainment as well as style. We composed an uncompromising portfolio of this season’s most innovative fashion and photography. Bringing you cutting-edge design and agenda-setting images from cities including Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, GuangZhOU, London and Barcelona, we explore fashion without borders.

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