Muse # 49

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Muse # 49

Spring/Summer 2018
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 3 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Italien Seiten: 288 >> Magazin: Muse Maße: L: 30cm B: 23cm

MUSE Magazine is an independently published triannual publication that was launched in Milan in 2005 with an international vision and worldwide distribution. MUSE is a sophisticated editorial product positioned in the fashion sector with Italian text and English parallel text. MUSE is conceived for an audience in the constant search for cutting edge news, a cosmopolitan reader who seek fashion as a lifestyle.

High design quality, a refined layout, strong images, exclusive content and established contributors from all over the world make the magazine something different in the Italian scene and simultaneously accessible internationally. Fashion is the core of the magazine, fresh and elegant images, surprising new boundaries to visual culture.

MUSE is the power of images associated with the search for trends. MUSE is a fashion and visual melting pot combining all the relevant culture of art, design, architecture, cinema, music. MUSE is what's going on and what will be next. A constant search for the ultimate expressions of beauty.

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