Supplement # 03

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Supplement # 03

Autumn/Winter 2016
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: England Seiten: 136 >> Magazin: Supplement Maße: L: 31cm B: 24cm H: 1cm

Our cover star Klara Kristin was a philosophy student, only she’s dropped to work as an artist’s assistant. She’s living in Christiania, Copenhagen’s old, venerable hippy commune, yet she just did a shoot for Calvin Klein. She appeared in a 3D sex film, but it’s one directed by the acclaimed director Gaspar Noé. It is perhaps no surprise that our cover star, Klara Kristin, comes from a long line of artists.

Where do those free, autonomous zones of creativity lie today – the area that was the natural place for avant-garde? Is it the sort of place where Kristin operates? We believe so. It certainly was the sphere within which the mid-century Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta was to be found, creating her sculptures, paintings and films, thick with burning earth, mud and feathers, until her life was cut short.

Thurston Moore found it in near-lawless lower Manhattan, where the late Alan Vega used to walk across bar tables, teetering on the very edge of insanity, to throw drinks in audience members’ faces; and rediscovered it again, in Europe’s free-improv scene.

You can pick up on it in Toyin Ibidapo’s distinctly tropical fur, fluff and knitwear shoot; in Nicole Maria Winkler’s deconstructed, dismantled, discombobulated, and yet, surprisingly, time-coded womenswear story; Ben Grieme’s bedroom-bound, lonesome, adolescent photographs; and Janneke van der Hagen’s flowing, classical, womanly pictures.

Indeed, exact coordinates aren’t wholly important, as Allen Ginsberg makes clear in this issue’s valedictory poem. You can find Walt Whitman and Federico García Lorca among the stacks of beans in any supermarket, so long as you hit it in the frame of mind and look hard enough. Wherever else you find it, we hope you find at least a little in the pages of Supplement.

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