The Tarn

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The Tarn

Boe Marion & Jakob De Tobon
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016 Bindung: Schweizer Broschur, Hardcover mit Leineneinband Ursprungsland: Schweden Seiten: 219 Maße: L: 34cm B: 26cm H: 4cm

The Tarn is a collaboration between creative director Jakob de Tobon and Scandinavian photographer Boe Marion.
Fashion mixed with portraits, landscape and still life, all shot in the nature. From high mountains and open fields to deep forests.

The design goes hand in hand with the nature theme. Covered in rough moss green jute fabric, with an open Swiss bound back and off white uncoated paper – it almost looks like something that would grow in the forrest itself.
Stories on five top models (Julia Hafström, Malaika Firth, Frida Gustavsson, Vanessa Axente and Kim Peers) are mixed with the landscape and still lifes into one massive 170 images saga.

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