Tush # 45

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Tush # 45

Never-Ending Story
Sprache: Deutsch Erscheinungsrhythmus: 2 Ausgaben pro Jahr Ursprungsland: Deutschland Seiten: 336 >> Magazin: Tush Maße: L: 29.7cm B: 23cm H: 2.5cm

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Absurd adventures, fantasy fables and provoking plots, whimsical creatures and powerful princesses: Tush 45 is a never-ending story.

And a fairy tale about beauty – with references to classic Grimm stories like Little Red Riding Hood, plays between good and bad, reality and surreality, heroes and villains.

From designer Stephen Jones to stylist Franco Colucci, Animal-Rights-Activist Kenya Kinski-Jones, drags like Miss Fame and Hungry, photographers like Mous Lambrat and Laura Okita, Make-up-icons like Ryan Burke and industry-pioneers like Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz: Tush creates a new world through visuals and words.

And a never-ending story – to be dreamt, to be seen, to be felt ...

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