Simplicity: A Matter of Design

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Simplicity: A Matter of Design

Per Mollerup
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsjahr: 2015 Bindung: Hardcover Seiten: 192 Maße: L: 30cm B: 17cm H: 2cm

As the world becomes increasingly complex and complicated, simplicity becomes increasingly in demand. We all seek simplicity in small or large measure. We strive to create simplicity at work and at home.

While the lives of our early ancestors may appear simple to us, it would not be simple for us to live those lives. This takes us to the root of simplicity: Simplicity is not an absolute quality. It depends on our experience, knowledge, understanding, and skills.

Simplicity: A Matter of Design offers a set of terms that will allow us to discuss simplicity in design with precision. It looks into the basics of simplicity and researches more in depth three aspects of design: functionality (simplicity for comfort), aesthetics (simplicity for pleasure) and ethics (simplicity for conscience). There is an extra chapter on simplicity in communication.

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