The Passenger. Greece

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The Passenger. Greece

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The Passenger collects the best new writing, photography, art and reportage from around the world.

In this volume: Once Upon A Time: The Greek Taverna by Petros Markaris, Land of Migration by Matteo Nucci, The Lost Generation by Christos Ikonomou, Yorgos Lanthimos and the “Weird Wave” of Greek cinema, the island where people forget to die, the NBA’s most valuable player, the mayor who balanced the books but enraged the nationalists, abandoned buildings, oligarchs on the rise, the rebellious rhythm of rebetiko and much more...

Few countries have received more media attention in recent years and even fewer have been represented in such vastly divergent ways. There’s a downside to all this attention: everyone seems to have something final to say about Greece. News headlines replace people’s individual stories, impressions substitute facts, characters take the place of people.

In this volume of The Passenger, opinions are set aside in order to give to the stories, facts, and people of Greece the dignity and centrality they deserve.

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