Frame. The Great Indoors # 98

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Frame. The Great Indoors # 98

May/June 2014
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsrhythmus: zweimonatlich Ursprungsland: Niederlande Seiten: 224 Verlag: Frame Publishers >> Magazin: Frame Maße: L: 30cm B: 23cm H: 1.7cm

Frame is the world’s leading interior design publication. Since its launch in 1997, the magazine has remained faithful to its mission: putting interior architecture on the map as a creative profession that’s equally important as design and architecture. In six issues per year, Frame publishes the world’s most inspiring interiors, spiced up with design, art and creative endeavours like window displays and stage sets. Sold in 77 countries, Frame is printed in English, Chinese, Korean and Turkish.

After 17 years and 97 issues, we’ve turned Frame inside out and upside down. It was high time for a change. We are, after all, part of a fast-changing world. For starters, we’ve broadened our horizon, we sift through everything from fashion and film to materials and music. We spotlight more people, and handle a proactive approach where we charter certain topics and extensive in-depth analyses. We’ve also become less of a conduit for whatever appears on our radar and more of an initiator of ideas. The quest for something fresh has taken us on an exciting journey.


We see ‘the splash’ making its mark, Willy Wonka scenes brought to life on the runway and geeky Google Glass lovers entering a digital future.

Show stopping Parisian shop windows, mirrored universes that dazzle and glow and a transparent sushi restaurant of which acrophobics may lose their appetite.

Interview with German industrial designer Ingo Maurer
One Artist, One Material: David Quayola creates classical sculptures for the digital age.

Our first Frame Lab feature sheds light on the retail industry. We show the hottest mannequins in town and experimental indoor environments next to an in-depth analysis based on the views of professionals in the field.
Interview with the leading theatre designer Robert Wilson.
A case study on Canberra’s cultural catalyst, Hotel Hotel.

A look behind the scenes at Gaggenau, German high-end appliances manufacturer.
Maciej Karpiak of Nuuun opens up on his kitchen diaries.

The making of.. The sculptural spaces of the Modern Art Museum in Bejing.

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