Type Hybrid

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Type Hybrid

Typography in Multilingual Design
Sprache: Englisch Erscheinungsjahr: 2016 Bindung: Softcover Seiten: 255 Verlag: Victionary Maße: L: 25cm B: 19cm

Increasingly globalised, the world is looking for a new-era language that can unite and identify with multiple cultures at once. This does not only come as a verbal challenge, but an intellectual one for designers to understand foreign values and communication systems to create an effective discourse. Some would dare the challenge to make perfect a multilingual setting, harmonising unique writing systems and cultural references to engage a global audience.

Type Hybrid is a groundbreaking research into the specialist area. The book begins with a collection of 120 logotypes that feature synchronised multilingual details within a compact design. The showcase then expands to probe into 100 visual communication solutions. From corporate branding to event communications and packaging designs, each project demonstrates how designers from different parts of the world draw an international crowd with a hybrid language that stays sensitive to the complexities of local culture.

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