Pin-Up # 13

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Pin-Up # 13

Magazine for Architectural Entertainment
language: english publishing frequency: biannual country of origin: USA pages: 256 magazine: Pin-Up measures: L: 28.5cm W: 23.5cm H: 1.6cm
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PIN–UP is a magazine that captures an architectural spirit, rather than focusing on technical details of design, by featuring interviews with architects, designers, and artists, and presenting work as an informal work in progress – a fun assembly of ideas, stories and conversations, all paired with cutting-edge photography and artwork. Both raw and glossy, the magazine is a nimble mix of genres and themes, finding inspiration in the high and the low by casting a refreshingly playful eye on rare architectural gems, amazing interiors, smart design, and that fascinating area where those areas connect with contemporary art. In short, PIN–UP is pure architectural entertainment!

The Midwesterner who is taking the architecture world by storm
Interview by Michael Bullock
Portraits by Matthu Placek

The Postmodernist potter from Echo Park loves watermelons, modernism, and kitsch
Interview by Katya Tylevich
Portraits by Marsha Brady

The Paris-based sculptor builds big but thinks anti-monumental
Interview by Amelia Stein
Portraits by Ami Sioux

The bearded Québécois designer is all about mixing materials and longevity
Interview by Caroline Roux
Portraits by Andreas Larsson

PLUS a 48-page NEW YORK CITY SPECIAL including the fascinating story of the Dia Foundation’s role in a downtown mosque, a week at Paul Rudolph’s Beekman Place penthouse, an exclusive glimpse at the Metropolitan Opera Club, the rise and fall of one of America’s most important fashion designers and his extravagant Fifth Avenue office, the history of the adventure playground in New York City, and a portfolio by young New York architects Leong Leong.

A visit to Ricardo Bofill’s Les Espaces d’Abraxas under cover of darkness, an immersion into the nightmarish dream world of Swiss designer H.R. Giger, and a chimeric architectural fantasy rendered in polystyrene and celluloid. Austrian artist Erwin Wurm composes an absurdist architectural reprise, and four design curators present a material portfolio in marble, leather, metal, and wood. Murray Moss gives a behind-the-scenes look at how an unprecedented art and design auction is challenging traditional and disciplinary boundaries, and Dutch designer Jurgen Bey talks about dreams and realities in design education and practice. Also in the issue is an investigation into the resurgent interest in Brutalism, and an examination of the ways in which spaces of political assembly give shape to discourse. Plus a PIN–UP Board showcase featuring architecture for dogs, exciting young Arab architecture practices, Bjarne Melgaard’s Snøhetta-designed house to die in, Shanzhai Biennial, two young Beijing architects’ hardcore inclinations, Jean Prouvé meets Simon Starling, Carlo Scarpa’s legacy with Venetian glass, Richard Neutra, and so much more.

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