Elephant # 28

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Elephant # 28

Autumn 2016
language: English publishing frequency: 4 issues per year country of origin: Netherlands pages: 192 magazine: Elephant measures: L: 28cm W: 22cm H: 1.4cm
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More real than the real thing.

Hailed as the great documentary medium, has photography made us any the wiser about the world
we live in nearly two centuries on from its invention? Or instead—thanks to the extraordinary profusion of images, whether on the front pages of newspapers reporting from disaster zones or on Twitter feeds documenting everyday lives in excruciating detail—has photography shown us too much reality, freezing our sympathies and arresting our ability to act on what we see? Can we still bear to look?

In Issue 28 we explore photography and reality with Edward Burtynsky, Cristina de Middel and Trevor Paglen. Charlotte Jansen goes in search of the ‘space beyond reality’ and Mitra Saboury and Derek Paul Boyle discuss Meatwreck—their life as an Instagram feed.

We also feature encounters with Gabriel Kuri, Tacita Dean, Erik Kessels and Njideka Akunyili Crosby.

Art Mix

Which Camera Are You?
Resurrection Man
The Future Is Another Dimension
10 Questions with Maureen Paley

Shows of the Times

Art Stars of Stage and Screen by Emily Steer

Now Showing

Robert Therrien
Suzanne Blank Redstone
LagosPhoto Festival
Mark Jenkins
House of Egorn
Guan Xiao
Mongezi Ncaphayi
As If in a Foreign Country

New Establishment

Liane Lang by Muriel Zagha
Mira Dancy by Ariela Gittlen
Cornelius Quabeck by Muriel Zagha
Jordan Nassar by Molly Taylor
Donna Huanca by Emily Steer
Paper Gallery

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd: Are U Bats?


Photography vs Reality
Edward Burtynsky: Toxicity’s Sublime Seductions by Robert Shore
Cristina de Middel: What Cristina Did Next by Robert Shore
Trevor Paglen: Tentacular Spectacular by Robert Urquhart
More Real Than the Real Thing by Charlotte Jansen
Life as an Instagram Feed by Mitra Saboury and Derek Paul Boyle


Gabriel Kuri: Selective Intuition by Katya Tylevich
Erik Kessels: Beyond Labels by Astrid Stavro
Tacita Dean: Mysterious Mechanisms by Emily Steer
Njideka Akunyili Crosby: Portals on the World by Charlotte Jansen


Imran Qureshi: Blooms Amid the Bloodshed by Fisun Güner

The Journal

The Rise of the Nouveau Niche by Emily Steer
Flicking the Vs for Victory by Muriel Zagha
Robert Storr: In Conversation with Juliette Soulez
Curator’s–Eye View by Charlotte Jansen
10 Ideas by Julie Verhoeven
Enditorial by Marc Valli

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